Youtube Should Be Worried, Twitch Superstars are Making Serious Dough from Advertisers


Forget YouTube, Twitch Stars are the Next Wave

Twitch’s #1 Streaming Personality Ninja received $500k a month from Twitch Ads!

The internet and video has created a new realm of celebrities. Casey Nesitat, the Paul brothers, PewDiePie are examples of this generations superstars. But these superstars may be old news soon as tons of viewers are flocking to Twitch. Twitch was acquired several years ago by Amazon. While the acquisition didn’t make much sense in the beginning it’s making a lot of sense now. Games like Fortnite and other have catapulted Twitch into the mainstream media.  It’s becoming equally as lucrative to be a Twitch personality as it is a Youtube personality as more advertisers migrate to the platform.

Viewers all around the world tune in to watch their favourite personality destroy the competition in a live streamed game. It’s truly fascinating, just watching an expert level gamer complete clobber the completion in real time. Thought you were good at Fifa? Wait till you see a twitch star put a “champ” 12-0 before the half without even using both hands. The thrill of watching Twitch draws a very close parallel to watching sports in real life. Even wants to be Ronaldo or Lebron but maybe we have a better chance of being the Lebron of NBA 2K18 on Twitch.

If you want to see the potential Twitch has for its channel creators, look at the jaw dropping amount the top twitch players are paid. (See list below)

Everyday people can start streaming their content for as little as $10 a month (Twitch Membership)

Top 5 Paid Twitch Players

5. TimTheTatman


3. Saqib “Lirik” Zahid

2. Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar

1. Geek & Sundry